Make Hair Washing Easier for Children


After the seventh year, the child can maintain hygiene all alone. That means alone can take a bath and wash his hair. Before he start to wash his hair, you need to explain that the hygiene of the body, including the hair is very important. Also tell him if the hair is not washed in a while, it collected dirt that may be the cause of some infections.

Hair child should wash 2-3 times a week. For child care hair should be used exceptionally mild children’s shampoos that do not irritate the skin. The child should take a little shampoo and spread around the entire hair. Pay particular attention to the scalp, should gently massage it with your fingers rather than nails. Point out to him not to use nails as it would come to the appearance of scratches on head. Than shampoo should be spread around and through the ends of the hair. After this can rinse hair. The procedure is enough twice to repeat. If the child has curly or very dry hair that is difficult to comb can eventually put a little milder conditioner. After washing, the hair should wipe with a towel .

Hair should be combed while off-dry, because it is easier to comb and less likely to damage your hair.

To make washing hair more interesting for your child, you can buy shampoo with the scent of his favorite fruit, or one of his favorite cartoon characters.

If the shampoo irritated skin of the child immediately consult your doctor!!!

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