How Much Do Kids Need to Eat

After the third year, the child can eat the same food as adults. Surely you are in doubt what to eat your child. It is important to note that the child needs three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two snacks. Snacks should be given two hours after the main meal. Dinner child should eat no later than 6 PM, or two hours before sleep, as there could be a restful sleep.

Parents should know that child’s day should be filled with a variety of physical activities (walks in the park, swimming, running, etc.). Also, if the child can not eat the whole dish should not be pushed to eat everything. The rest of the meal child can eat later.

Fruits and vegetables should be represented more. Chocolate, sweets, chips and other unhealthy snacks should be avoided as much as possible.

┬áBreakfast should be rich in cereals (oats, corn, barley, rice, etc.) with milk. Be sure to avoid the classic children’s cereals that contain a high percentage of sugars. In cereals can add dried fruit.

Lunch should be served with more salad. For lunch our child can have chicken, fish, lamb, veal combined with lot of salad. Easier meat, such as fish or chicken can be for dinner. Beans are also good choice for dinner. You can give a small slice of pizza or a small amount of pasta.

Snacks would be better to be rich in vitamins. So the best choice is fresh fruit. Except fruits, your child can have nuts and dried fruits that will give him the necessary energy. If your child likes sweets, instead of classic sweets, you give him a fruit yogurt or rice pudding that is healthier than all others sweets.

Remember, between meals child should drink water. Also you can prepare for him fresh fruit juice or natural tea.