Stuffed apples with honey and walnuts

Apples and cinnamon are the ideal combination for weight reduction. If you add raisins and honey can get a delicious healthy dessert. Is preparing for a very short time and is an ideal snack especially for those who are on a diet.

 Please try this recipe and look forward to your comments !!!


6 apples

100g raisins

100g chopped walnuts

4 tablespoons honey

½ tablespoon cinnamon


Using a small sharp knife, remove cores from apples. Raisins, chopped nuts, honey and cinnamon mix well. Fill up each apple with the above prepared mixture and bake about 20 minutes.

nd leave it up to stand for five days before starting consumption.

When you consume make sure each time to eat and a grain of pepper and a piece of garlic mixture.

Take one spoon in the morning and evening on an empty stomach for better immunity, to eliminate bacteria, to encourage digestion, to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.